Ahhhh. We're getting closer!

I'd love your feedback on the new business blog, finally in WORDPRESS! And all done by little ol' me. No fancy designer. I'm pretty happy. Thank you to Eric Hamm and his Frugal Theme (3.2 version ROCKS!). Still learning but plan to have the entire blog moved over by the end of February.

Would love your feedback!



Some Thoughts on Mr. Edwards

Yep. I was suckered. I believed in this man, despite his gloss and prettiness. I believed he loved his wife, that he was a good familly man, mostly because he touted the values I honor.

Wow. It has been a year of being let down by "the good guys".

I don't care so much about Tiger Woods but both of these men (and assorted others) this year leave me slack jawed, wondering in the hell these guys they haven't learned a damned thing. From a Republican Press Secretary came this perfect advice when your scandal hits:

tell it first, tell it all and tell it yourself

Which is the most succinct way I've seen MY advice put. Because God knows I've been spouting off...not about the lying, not about the cheating but about the ridiculous belief that you can somehow manage to hide something when  you are a) a celebrity and b) the story has already leaked.

In fact, why even try to lie and cheat without having a story prepared in advance because if you are famous there is NO WHERE TO HIDE.

Dudes. Everyone has a camera on their phone. Everyone has a recording device on their phone. Everyone has a PHONE. And everyone would love a National Enquirer payout to see you fall.

DUH. So don't look like an ass**** by lying through your teeth when it is so easy to get caught. Fess up.

tell it first, tell it all and tell it yourself


Clarity: AROnetworking

After one of the most well-received blog posts I've ever written, I finally found some clarity around this blog (and my business) purpose. I was on track! I was, I was. So, AROnetworking this will remain and the focus will be about exploring people and ideas that support the idea of growing your business in a way that is Authentic, Relevant and Organic.

I'll profile folks who are doing it right and, with permission, help guide folks who could use some help. We'll explore what it means to be authentic and relevant and how to build that loyal following organically. I'll be developing a new site that will retain most of the content but I will be guided by those three words in everything I do.

I'm pleased to say that I'm also a contributing expert on Small-Business-How-To.com with a focus on human resources, social media and online marketing for Main Street businesses. The site is new and inexpensive right now (I'm currently one of three experts: our site owner is a CPA/Attorney/Financial Planner and more-whew!- with over 30 years of experience and he will focus on the nuts and bolts of it all. Last I heard he had enlisted a funding expert as well so expect some high quality content and lots of answers to the question "How do I?") but it is still in the works. We'll feature lots of video, including apprenticeship interviews with small biz owners themselves, mastermind groups, "how-to" guides, forums and more!

Finally, I'm converting to Wordpress Thesis this week once my hosting company transfers my domain name. Time to spiffy up this and a couple of other blogs. If you can recommend someone who is affordable to do the basic graphic design, that would be awesome! Ciao!


What People STILL DON'T GET About Online Marketing

Online marketing. Social Media. Social Media Marketing. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Many people and brands still don't get it.

You must be authentic. You must be relevant. You must watch it grow organically. I still believe in these "words" and they will be my Big Three for 2010 (ala Chris Brogan via Danielle LaPorte).

You build the community because YOU LOVE THE COMMUNITY-not because you see a dollar sign on each little forehead. You do not even try to charge them for a thing until you have a real relationship with them. What's that look like? They follow you on Twitter, they retweet you on Twitter, they email you with love, they join your fan page, they ask you questions, they comment on your blog, they send your posts around, they download and praise your FREE e-book and so forth.

And you do the same for them. You promote them. You ladle Internet love all over them like you are anointing them with oil. You do this because you are excited about and for them. NOT because you see dollar signs on each little forehead (like the Grinch lusting after Whos in Whoville).

Then you build your paid member site. Then you start charging for some material. Then you start having teleseminars and mastermind groups with a fee. Not before. Never before.

If you do not want to be a part of this full-on, don't join. Your motives must have changed. The ROI is fuzzy at best. It's there but nebulous. Is there a price for caring? I parted ways with a client quickly who kept saying "but we have to monetize, we have to monetize". I know this. I do. But you have to care first.

Do you GET THAT?


How YOU Can Ease Brain Chafe

When I mentioned Brain Chafe to my buddy, my pal, my luvah she said she pictured my little brain with diaper rash. Ok. That'll work. I've already talked about my Tigger vs. Eyeore moments (when I'm up I don't overshop, engage in inappropriate sexual activity or have real trouble sleeping so not cause for concern). What does happen is that I get very strong bursts of creativity, idea generation, and enthusiasm followed by a few days of complete depletion. I get brain chafe. I get so worked up with so many great ideas (if I do overshop, it is for domain names) that I just fall over.

In some ways I've stopped fighting it. I have, for the most part, the freedom to fall over when I need to. If I can effectively harness all the great stuff on the up days, then it is all good. (In fact, I often wonder why people fight their own sleep/wake patterns so much if they don't interfere with a job or family life).

But, in reality, sometimes my brain hurts from thinking and churning so hard. I'm a problem-solving, fixer (some people would call this control freak but hey! I'm effective). In my practice of one year of deliberately attracting great stuff, I have made a rule that I have to sit and visualize for 10 minutes (putting the tv on Music Choice Soundscapes channel). Wow. Much easier than I expected and oooooo. Like lotion for my chafed brain. Ahhhh. Part of that exercising is an attempt to let go of control and just let things happen. So, here are some useful tips on preventing or curing your own brain chafe (give yourself permission to do all or one of these things):

1. Spend some time with quiet.
2. Turn off that damned computer, damned cellphone, damed tv. Read a book for pleasure.
3. Pet your pet, whoever she, or it, might be.
4. Let go. Be aware of your desires and then let them go. You don't have to know "how" all the time.
5. Take a nap. The real kind, in the middle of the day, on the sofa or on top of the covers with blanket.
6. Some people like tea. Try as I might, I don't, but you can. The act of making it is key.
7. Get it all written down and then put it away. A mental dump list is very effective. Dump it out.
8. Walk in a cemetary. Generally well-maintained, quiet and vehicle noise free. Bundle up!
9. Watch a movie. Not a documentary. A movie. Nothing deep. Maybe something like Wall-E.
10. Get a massage. I am long overdue, but nothing chills the brain like being rubbed all over.


Juiciest Year EVAH!

I swear this is the one. I swear it so much I'm splurging on a $48 bottle of wine * with Ms. M to commemorate a year that was already so much better than the few  years before. I swear it because, as the year is ending, some amazing things are happening. MY DREAM CLIENT (on my dream team) has arrived. Clients I haven't worked with in awhile are returning. I'm being officially labeled as a contributing expert on a new site.

People keep saying "yes" to me. I swear this year I will:

1. take a road trip to meet some of my virtual clients and favorite Tweeple in a beater van that I will digitally, nomadically hang out in and write/work for a few months

2. finish one book

3. get a housekeeper (just say NO to inhaling cat hair) for a few times per month

4. charge the rate I deserve

5. continue to follow The Art of Possibility...simply letting opportunities that I could have never anticipated arrive at my door

6. continue learning, saying "yes" even when I don't officially know how, and being as positive as possible without being gross


* Who would NOT love a wine called "Problem Child"? It made us melt at Party Town in Erlanger, KY. (I know...) And I had a dark chocolate covered candied garlic clove with it. Sound gross? Was deeelightful, but my breath was rank for some time.

A profound "thank you" to all of my clients and to my idols who responded frequently to my posts and emails.

BTW, if you are tired and stressed out and facing family that you'd never in a million years pick, it is time for a Bloggess pick-me-up.