What People STILL DON'T GET About Online Marketing

Online marketing. Social Media. Social Media Marketing. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Many people and brands still don't get it.

You must be authentic. You must be relevant. You must watch it grow organically. I still believe in these "words" and they will be my Big Three for 2010 (ala Chris Brogan via Danielle LaPorte).

You build the community because YOU LOVE THE COMMUNITY-not because you see a dollar sign on each little forehead. You do not even try to charge them for a thing until you have a real relationship with them. What's that look like? They follow you on Twitter, they retweet you on Twitter, they email you with love, they join your fan page, they ask you questions, they comment on your blog, they send your posts around, they download and praise your FREE e-book and so forth.

And you do the same for them. You promote them. You ladle Internet love all over them like you are anointing them with oil. You do this because you are excited about and for them. NOT because you see dollar signs on each little forehead (like the Grinch lusting after Whos in Whoville).

Then you build your paid member site. Then you start charging for some material. Then you start having teleseminars and mastermind groups with a fee. Not before. Never before.

If you do not want to be a part of this full-on, don't join. Your motives must have changed. The ROI is fuzzy at best. It's there but nebulous. Is there a price for caring? I parted ways with a client quickly who kept saying "but we have to monetize, we have to monetize". I know this. I do. But you have to care first.

Do you GET THAT?


Rick Wolff said...

Here's the problem I know I have. There's something in the back of my brain that says, unless I actually spend time in the same room with any of these people, I don't believe they really exist. So there's no sense in getting to know them. I totally sympathize with the managerial instinct to delegate all that gushy stuff to a sales-type, who knows all the techniques to projecting "love". They don't get it, because it's so counter-intuitive.

Josie said...

Excellent post, and it ties in completely with my own growing understanding, together with the conversations I'm having with my adviser. Thank you. I'll be passing this onto another friend who I'm working with.

Anonymous said...

A-freakin-men, Kelly!

That's exactly it.

Which is why when a few folks asked what would I pay for their content contributions to Good Vibe U, as soon as I heard that I realized their contributions wouldn't work. Anything that's motivated by the money, instead of the love of sharing, teaching, inspiring, connecting and loving - isn't what I want there.

Thanks for a brilliantly simple post to share this concept! I want to share this with every business person I know who wondered why their endeavor that was based on making money first (and often solely) didn't work.

Good Vibe Coach

Writer/Consultant said...


Hmmm. I've pondered your reply quite a bit. Here's what I "think" you mean: you and/or managerial types know you are supposed (not my thought) to be building these online "relationships", yet it doesn't feel comfortable or real.

I think that is extremely true though recent activities in my life have proven that even large corporate banks are interested in projecting "love".

Great book on that is Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders. Would love to know what you think.

Your blog is very cerebral and I feel humbled. Thanks for stopping by...


Writer/Consultant said...


Hey, thanks for the comment AND for subscribing. Jeannette Maw, who commented after you, is one of the finest examples of how to do online marketing/social media RIGHT. So is Gary Vaynerchuk, though he is plugging his book a bit too hard for my taste right now (still love him and Crush It! is an important read).


Writer/Consultant said...

Hello Anonymous...aka Good Vibe Coach.

What a ride this week has been. I point you out continually as someone to emulate on how to build their business. EVERYONE IS SO FREAKIN' IMPATIENT! Hop on line and be famous. Ain't so.

Thanks for spreading the love...

MUWAH (ha ha ha),