Why I Think Twitter Will Die

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Josie said...

Another really good post that tells it like it is, I feel. I subscribed to your blog, but I don't have a sensible answer as to why I didn't follow you on Twitter (yet). And I have two Twitter accounts - one that's contained, with 'protected' tweets because I wanted to section off a space, as it were; the other one is completely open. But even with that open one, I confess to some concern about the possibility of eventually having an unmanageable number of followers.

All that said, having a 'conversation' in 140/120 characters isn't the easiest thing. That's one reason that blog comments sections - and, yes, the Facebook news feed - provide a more realistic opportunity to have an online conversation, with those who choose to engage. Maybe it's an opportunity to re-think how Twitter is used. The original Twitter question is, "What are you doing?"

Perhaps the Twitter people also need to have another look at the idea, "What's in it for them?" What keeps people coming back to Twitter, what's driving it, what can it really be effectively used for? In one of my Twitterspaces I have 25 followers and I have conversations with many of them, on Twitter itself, and sometimes this extends to my blog. But I have different kinds of conversations on Facebook. Different spaces, various ways to engage.

Last but not least, thanks for the hugs from your last post, and have some too :-)


Writer/Consultant said...


Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment. I said once that social networks aren't necessary-all anyone needs is a blog and a blog reader to follow, find photos, info, etc. I wish it were still this way. Seriously, a blog post can be one line or 140 characters, right?

But people are intimidated and not great technologies catch on. What are ya gonna do?

Thanks so much for the subscribe. You are one of two. Clearly I do this for the love of it...

Josie said...

Yes indeed, a blog post can be as short (or long) as you like. I used to think Twitter was pointless, but that's before I really tried it - perhaps illustrating what you said! Now I would miss Twitter if it went because of the conversation, but then a blog is just another way of having a conversation.

I found you on Twitter via my @safetycomfort account - feel free to follow back (this is the locked one, and if it won't play ball I'll unlock it temporarily. I've had a couple of instances where I've clicked Accept and then Twitter has declined it, silly thing. Thanks for finding me on YouTube as well, have reciprocated.

There is doing something for the love of it ... have you checked your stats via Google Reader? I just had a look and you have six subscribers on there, did you know?


Sondage en ligne said...

I have 25 followers and I have conversations with many of them, on Twitter itself, and sometimes this extends to my blog.